About I Wood

I Wood Renovation & Construction was established in 2009, and mainly to participate in Office, Retail, Mixed use and Residential Projects and provide Interior Design Services, Products, and Furniture Design Service and construction work throughout nation.


When client come to, I Wood Renovation &  Construction, they seek one or more specific talents, to construct the bridge; to renovate a park; or perhaps to construct a community park. But clients really expect much more than specific skill.


Our clients expect us to first take time to understand their situation completely from a professional perspective. Then they expect us to materialize that is appropriate to their needs.


All scope of work delivers by I Wood Renovation & Construction requires a comprehensive evaluation of the client’s needs and goals. Goals that often beyond “technical” objective. We believe that a successful project is one that goes beyond technical solutions to address of the client’s goals.


Identification of all the client’s goals, and evaluation of how well we are full filling them, is built into our project development process. It is a process that emphasizes clear, concise communication between us, consultant and client.

Our ability to provide an appropriate and good service also come from:


  1. Individual      and     corporate commitment to client satisfaction

  2. An attitude for problem-solving (more than doing good work)

  3. Experience and sensitive with local issues and local conditions

  4. A wide range of services to meet client needs

  5. Professional with high levels of demonstrated skill

  6. Application of new technology for more cost-effective developments


We believe that our skill and our commitment to client satisfaction are the   reason   why   we   enjoy   repeat business and why we still in the business today.


I Wood Renovation & Constructions Sdn Bhd actively involves in all private and the public projects. Our ability to ensure a high level of project awareness, generate enthusiasm for the project and develop consensus.


We address client needs and concerns, provide vision and develop the project desire in to reality. Our understanding of the concerns and solution are presented in these samples of our experience.


In accordance with the requirements, we are proud to provide client with the following project profiles to demonstrate our experience in constructions work, and private development projects.

Our Team


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